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What we offer...

Our paper shredding sacks are convenient for just about anyone; whether you work from home or have a small or medium-sized business.


Holding up to 15kg of confidential data, once filled to the dotted line you can seal your sack ready for collection.


As our sacks are made from paper, the entire sack and its contents are destroyed and recycled.

Paper Shredding Sack Dimensions: 420 x 215 x 705 mm 

Examples of confidential data that may be placed in your sack include invoices, receipts, letters, contracts, and customer & supplier information.

Shredding Sacks_edited_edited.jpg

Shredding Made Simple is really this Simple...

Step 1

Get in touch for your free and personalised quote

Step 2

Fill the paper shredding sack provided

Step 3

We collect and destroy your confidential paper shredding

Step 4

Shredded paper is sent to the paper mill for recycling

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